that annoying moment when your classmates decide to ship you with someone you dont like and youre trying your best to be patient and not scream at them because their friend is your crush.

yup thats what is happening to me this week. theyve been teasing me with rahman since i dont know when and i dont know why. just because he likes to ask me questions doesnt mean he liked me. i feel guilty for what happened. he received too many teasings (perhaps insults) and here i am, just laughing instead of disagreeing.

i chose to not argue because i dont want them to think that i defended him. so yeah, let it be. i usually laugh it off, pretend its nothing important when it actually is.

lots of things happened. but not gonna update it much. from what i heard, i think “seohyun” likes my tablemate. well, im trying to be as patient as possible to my tablemate but its hard. she keeps on asking me obvious questions, like ummu means mother right? like a duh!!! and she also likes to copy my work, which i dont seem to like it.

oh i saw my long lost separated love just now at school. he came. but i was so nervous i thought i would die.

i have a crush on one of my tlist, which happens to be my crush in school. ugh. my life is so hard. super hard. extremely hard. goodbye.



Dont ask me why i have so many blogs. I have livejournal, tumblr, blogger, wattpad, asianfanfics and more. I just love signing up for things and then not using it. My bad habit, tsk.

So yeah, my school finally has a house system. Everyone seems to be happy about it but i dont even know what that means. Im in the fourth house with waf and naf. So it cant be that bad right since i know some of them. I shouldnt have chose badminton bc theres no naf in it except zak which im not even close to. Ugh. Hajima.

Went tampines yesterday to watch ah boys to men 2. Sigh i dont know why im attracted to lobang. Lmao he is somehow cute? Lol. And that sergeant ong is definitely handsome. When he speaks malay, i definitely have a hard time breathing.

I cant update much. Need to rush and get ready for school. Sigh sister tells me to not go to school today but i just dont feel like being absent. Not bc i love school, but bc everything is gonna be hard later on thursday i just dont wanna miss anything today. Fml.

Well, blog later. Bye!


Hello guys. I’m kinda bored now so yeah this is what I’d do. You know, there’s this creepy guy in my class who keeps on staring at me whenever i sit down…. Its kinda scary, though. I dont know why. When I told my friend, she said it’s nothing. I told him to stop staring and he asked me, “can’t I?” Uhm duhh. Stupid question.

So yeah, like wtf. My friends ship me with him and im like seriously no. If only they shipped me with that taengsic guy then i would be the happiest girl on earth. So apparently someone on tlist decides to ruin my life by transfering to my school, which caused me to flip out when i know its him who I talked to on tlist last year. It seems like he quitted the fandom and if I’m not wrong, it’s because he has a girlfriend already and he’s not interested in Taeyeon anymore. Lol.

Yeah I have way too many crushes, it hurts. I dont know which one to choose. Two guys are one year younger than me while the other one is one year older than me. Dont ask me about Lee. He is in my historical book, thanks to his beloved cousin. I dont like him anymore, but at times I do come back to him when I feel like he’s being kind and gentle. Sounds wrong, I know.

Leadership camp on 20-22th March with the pre-u’s. Looking forward to it because of taengsic. If he’s not there then I wont and shouldnt even be excited about this, to be honest. Oh, he’s in the other club at school, different from mine. Ouch.

Oh yeah, nearly came late for school. I woke up at 0630 in the morning and I thought it was Sunday but then my mom was kinda rushing and my dad just woke up so yeah I knew it’s monday and I ought to be bathing instead of rolling in the bed. So I rushed and thankfully I wasnt late. I think its the fastest shower I’ve ever had. Lmao.

Well, gotta go. Perhaps I’ll update later again. Annyeong!


hello guys. sup! oh yeah i miss u much i have lots to update. firstly i have to tell u that the i got a boy mv was daebak. eventhough people said that theres kind of too many genres in a song, its actually quite addictive though. and bap made a comeback with one shot so lol they decided to shoot me with a gun bc i cant think properly when i watched the mv. its awesome.

well school sucks to the max. i dont like my form teacher. shes from the moe and yeah she follows moe style. not funny. i think shes biased bc she never scolds the boys and she is always after the girls. yup she is definitely something. ew. i hate her. somehow.

i thought people hated me but idk. i always think negative stuff bc yeah apparently people make me like that, so dont blame me bc im a pessimist.

i wanna go home early tomorrow. pls i hope theres no talk tomorrow so i can go home early and catch up with my sleep. im so tired i dont even know what is rest. 😦


its finally 2013, so yeah happy new year!!! i can feel that its going to be a good year for me hehe. so tomorrow is the day school reopens. a nightmare for all student. i know hoe you feel. i feel you guys ok! and its finally january 1st omg the day i’ve been waiting for. its the day snsd’s gonna release their i got a boy mv. i cant wait! after their one whole year of hiatus, how do you expect me to be relaxed and chill omg i cant and never will. i truly hope that they dont reveal too much skin because honestly i dont like it when they do. i hope yuri and yoona rap in one of the songs im the album. from what i heard, jessica tiffany and hyoyeon that are rapping in that song so idk. sm will release the mv at 5kst which means 4pm sgt? lol im not sure but who cares? i’ll be on twitter around three i guess. i’m waiting for my sister to come home now. its almost 3am and she is still not home. is she crazy? does she want my mom to get angry and then the old story repeats itself? you want that to happen? you know what, i don’t. so please can you stop thinking about yourself………


dont ask me why i’ve been missing in action on this blog. i just dont know what to update. and im so tired of being so formal. i know i should, but this is not an english exam or something till i have to be so formal. lol. so yeah currently im anticipating for soshi’s comeback. its like what sones are waiting for right now. their new concept is seriously awesome.

i dont know what they did to sunny omg shes supposed to be attractive but that stupid makeup artist put too many eye makeup on her. her eyeliner is so thick in the dance teaser. and like wtf, her hair is green? god please save my lee sunkyu. i dont mind sunny with purple hair but green hair doesnt suit her really well.

so uhm in two days time we’ll be living in the year 2013. my new year’s resolution is to be a quieter person and i dont wanna fall for any guy anymore. it hurts, tbh. i found out that im not the ideal type of girl that my crush is looking for. well i guess he only looks at my cousin. im pretty sure he likes my cousin. hmmm. well i dont care. starting from now, im calling him my ex-crush.

snsd comeback is on january 1st 2013. gonna anticipate it. cant wait to see yuri ♡


yo. hola. whats up haha. im finally back in singapore. i had fun in malaysia and if you ask me what did i buy for myself……. well i dont thing theres a lot of things to say. i bought a shirt, two comics, dvds (movies and snsd dvd), a hello kitty mask (b.a.p’s style), a phone keychain with my name on it and a kpop lyrics magazine. yeah i guess thats all. so little, right?

i just found out whats the real meaning of koreaboo. i thought its a good meaning but actually its kinda bad one. koreaboo means someone is obsessed with their idol, and kinda like immature like that. and talks in korean and tweet in korean eventhough she/he is not a korean.

yeah one of my friend is a koreaboo. pfft how embarrassing. and she keeps on asking people to follow her. and she unfollowed my close friend so that her following is lesser than her followers. i dont know, shes trying really hard to be become a twitfamous. like seriously, omg. it annoys the shit out of me. i feel like telling her the truth about what i think of me but i dont wanna hurt her feelings since shes one of my closest friends.

so uhm, i also wanna wish a very happy birthday to my favourite rapper named yong junhyung from b2st. may god bless him always, and i wish him all the best in life. i will always be his number one fan eventhough i keep on betraying him with yongguk. both of them are songwriters and rappers and i find it hard to choose them. i love you yong junhyung. eventhough i dont show it, i do love you.


its going to be a short update. hehe im at the hotel now. i guess its fine. the hotel is quite nice, though. i dont know what was i worrying about. the only thing thats missing here is the fridge so i can store my drinks. but its okay. its still better. and nice. lol.

im in the same room with my sis. shes sleeping now while im still awake, blogging. haha. its kinda noisy outside. i can hear the cars engine roaring outside the hotel. hmm. i guess its a busy city here during night time.

so i reached johor around 1.30pm and i checked in around 2.15pm. my room is blue coloured while my parents room is green. eventhough their room is bigger than mine, i still prefer my room as it is more comfortable than theirs. i dont know why but i got attracted to my room.

im kinda freaking out right now omg. my sister just let out some fucking creepy noise can i just slap her omg fuck. well gotta go now. i need to rest for tomorrow’s activity. ciao.


hey. its just going to be a short update before going to malaysia tomorrow. yeah i guess this is my last update until tuesday night maybe, unless the internet connection at the hotel doesnt cock up. hehe. so yeah, i’ll be staying at citrus hotel. yeah, we didn’t change the hotel. how i wish we did, but there’s no hotel room available anymore for tomorrow. citrus hotel is the best deal for tomorrow. sigh.

i wish we could stay at mutiara hotel or puteri pacific hotel (its the only hotel that im currently comfortable with now) but its not available for tomorrow until tuesday. sucks much, huh? i kinda have a bad feeling for tomorrow, i dont know why. maybe because i dont know the hotel that well. and the fact that its a three or a four star hotel makes me more uncomfortable. sigh. i hope nothing bad happen to us.

i just hope we can go there and back home to singapore safely. i pray that we have a safe journey and a safe holiday there. amin~

oh yeah, congrats to b.a.p for winning the best new artist award. zelo cried. im so happy for them. oh and i also saw something on tumblr. they said that uhm, yongguk was like smiling like pervert when 2ne1 was performing. hello? yongguk, i dare you to look at other girls. I DARE YOU. lol jk. i dont mind, but it hurts ok. IT HURTS. sobs.


omg. hi. it’s seungri’s birthday today. seungri of bigbang. and it’s 12 december 2012. which means 12/12/12. isn’t it cool? omg.

so i spent my day at tampines with mahirah and fatimah. we watched a movie; rising of the guardians. omg it’s a great movie. i fell in love with jackfrost. hehe, he is so handsome. i hope i can buy the cd later at malaysia. speaking of malaysia, i think we’ve changed our hotel from citrus to other hotel. sigh it’s a long story, and a lot of arguments has been going on in the house. i’m tired of it, seriously. i really pity my dad. he is trying his best to be patient with mom and sister’s attitude.

so i watched the football match between singapore and philippines. and guess what? singapore won!!! khairul amri was the goal scorer (and also the man of the match, i guess) and he scored at the 19 mins, which is his shirt’s number. omg it is so cool! so singapore made it to the final. lets see who will be singapore’s opponent. it is either thailand or malaysia. i can’t wait! congratulations to singapore for making to the finals! i feel sorry for philippines, i really am. one of the player’s head was bleeding and i don’t know why.

i guess i’m a b.a.p obsessed. someone even ships me with bang yongguk. our otp name is bangnab or nabbang or yongnab. it’s pretty nice of them, lol. i have the ‘bang yongguk disorder’ right now, so don’t bother me. but what they don’t know is that i really, truly like choi junhong. pmsl.

oh, my sister and her fiance just argued over the smallest matter. i hope they don’t fight again like what happened around july. they should just compromise with each other. sigh i don’t know what’s happening to this family. they’re so sensitive, that’s why i’m oversensitive.